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Below is a question someone asked about dealing with her Master’s seeming weakness in coping with an ex-wife and their shared children and my response.

Unfortunately it’s changing my perception of Master. I know that it’s not realistic to for any person to be 100% in control and omnipotent, especially if you live together. How do I stop seeing the side of my Master who has trouble saying no and focus on Master’s power and control over me?

The dominant’s nightmare.

I’m aware of my Domina’s weaknesses. Being what she calls her “rock” is a part of our love. My support adds to her strength for dominating me. Her dominance is something that exists between us. I don’t expect it to translate into the outside world.

Controlling a former spouse and children (especially after a divorce) can be about as difficult as controlling a raging thunderstorm.

He may have periods of illness and or disability when you will have to take control in many matters while he recovers (this seems to almost always happen in long-lived D/s relationships).

You might say the love has to be stronger than the submission.

Don’t know that this is any help but in thinking about it this way I rarely feel troubled by her limitations.

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Not very insightful, but I was suddenly struck by the old saying:

“To a valet, no man is a hero.

In other words, it’s impossible to be giving 100% 24/7. And Dom does not mean Superman (or Superwoman), but some people didn’t get the memo.

In fact, this is an interesting twist on “Top’s Disease”: A sub sees normal behavior in a Dom and doesn’t know how to deal with it. People can be so weird.

The Edge of Vanilla

The old saw about the valet seems spot on to me.

I know from my own relationship that the simple worry that the submissive person might be feeling that way can act like acid running across the dominant’s confidence.

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