D/s and Parenting

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Darren writes of a serious issue: how power exchange mixes with the roles of parents.

I won’t speak to how Sir feels on this issue, but where the difficulty comes in is finding a way to respect our relationship as Owner and slave without diminishing my own role as a parent. I am very conscious of how our power dynamic looks to the kids, and I fear I over-compensate some times by being over the top with them, that I puff out my chest to be overly-authoritative when the situation does not necessarily call for it.

Slavery and Parenting

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I don’t see anything wrong with being attentive and obedient toward of your wife in front of the kids, but only to a degree. It’s not good for them to see one parent continually submit to another. I think the key is to obey cheerfully, with good humor on both sides. Taking things to seriously can cause problems.

Y’know, there’s an easy way to avoid the whole problem of balancing a bdsm relationship with kids………..just get a puppy instead :o)

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about D/s and Parenting.


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