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Mistress Kika and spirit have a wonderful loving relationship and it is no surprise that a man would turn to her when wanting to learn how to introduce the idea of loving female authority to his wife:

A key factor here is to always respect Her responses to what you are showing Her, either positive or negative. If you are too pushy, She will more than likely back off and it will be more difficult for you in the end. Always be honest & open with Her and encourage Her to express Her feelings by you doing the same, (lead by example). It may be a long process due to societal conditioning, however, with luck, She will realize that this is a wonderful lifestyle which will have many benefits to you both.

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I recently came to tell my wife of my sessions outside the household and she was, I’m ashamed to say, not very supportive. She is planning to leave my home and take the kids… I am trying to give her some time to get used to the idea but I’m afraid our relationship might be doomed… any advice?

You cheated on your wife and you are ashamed that she isn’t supportive?

(Given all the comments linking to a commercial domain - not something that I necessarily have a problem with I have no idea how seriously I should take this question.)

I think in many ways, its a good idea to keep the shadow separate from your daylight existence. Its not fair to burden your wife with aspects of your life that may not be palatable or fit into a different context. The Japanese are very good at this. Is it deceptive? Yes. You just have to make your peace with that.

Richard I have been reading and it is rare that I have found a mind and attitude so understanding and wise. you are a happy person and deserve that happiness. My respect, and my humility, I feel I have found another with the same understanding as my own. It is truly an honor.

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john jan-20- 2007

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