Getting Her to Dominate You

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Advice on getting a woman (including your wife or girlfriend) to think about being your Domme:

It’s not about making her do something, it’s about making yourself in the right place, at the right time. Let her Dom you, if you know what I mean.

First of all, if you want your woman of choice to Dom you, you need to change your attitude. She does things her way, in her own time and you don’t get to make lists of instructions or items you want performed. You’re not ordering fast food now. A Domme is not EVER there to serve you, unless you’re paying for it.

The thing I most mislike about men looking for Dommes online is the attitude that we’re unpaid sex workers. Get it straight dickhead. We are not for hire, we do things you may not always like, we may not do everything you want done and we choose what pace we want to play at.

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Thanks for the link. I was just browsing for femdom sites and came here. Nice to see my own article. :) Listed this site in the Femdom category at

I’ve been married for 4 years and have been with my husband for 7 years.

When we first met I thought he might be a submissive but when I asked him he said he wasn’t. He body language spoke differently.

Our sex life is off the charts and has been from day one. We keep peeling back one decadent layer after another and are always amazed to know there is more lurking under the surface.

I’m in my early 40’s, he’s in his mid-50’s.

On a particularly hot evening, I learned how much a submissive my husband was. Oral sex has always been one of our favorite things. He will usually devour me while I’m on my knees or laying on my back. This evening I laid him on his back, on the bed and sat on his face. It felt powerful really letting myself go on top of his face. His sweet face had become a delightful tool of release. He held me down on his face so I couldn’t move. The pleasure was blinding and now he can’t get enough.

It all seems perfectly natural for me and I love how we pace the game. No urgency to do something a certain way. We just do what feels right and that is usually him positioned underneath me.

Happy, Happy Trails…

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