Caring Female Dominance

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Many might think this too mild. And that is why many women will never consider erotic dominance within their relationship.

In the male fantasy, you seize control by power. In reality, you probably should not start acting dominant without any warning or agreement with him. That might confuse him. In any case, without any agreement, he has the standard set of rights. He wants to give up some of those rights to you (so that you can control him).

So the second step in becoming a dominant is to find out what rights he wants to give up. Do not argue for more. That is inappropriate. Do not argue for less — always accept whatever power he grants you. You do not have to use the power he is giving you, but you never turn it down.

You need to enforce the contract. If he breaks the contract, he one way or another needs to be punished. That might sound horrible, but he needs the contract to mean something, and it doesn’t mean anything if he can break it.

There is no problem with changing the contract. It starts out as his first best guesss at what he wants to give up, but he doesn’t know what he wants and situations change. But that requires discussion and agreement — he cannot simply abandon the contract because he wants to or does not have self-control or does not respect you.

From Caring Domination a collection of short articles to help women get their mind around female dominance.

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Worst problem is probably the nagger.

She whines to get Her way, a sort of femsub topping from the bottom. The weak sarcasm plays in: “well, everything I do is wrong,” when I haven’t said that at all, and that’s terribly frustrating. If I agree with her, she’ll say I’m refusing to discuss the matter … even though my agreement isn’t because of submission to Her Domina Will, but just a logical male decision that it happens to be correct.

In short, she actively avoids allowing me to place her on a pedestal, and misinterprets every small courtesy as an unwanted attempt to drag her into a domme role.

Why, I ask, can’t she just accept the fact that — at least some of the time — she IS right, and I merely acknowledge the fact. I don’t even say “Correct as usual, Your Majesty,” though I do think it sometimes.

Thank you for this info. My man has gently let me know that he壇 like to be submissive (yes, there have been signs) and me to dress in dominate clothing. I am unfamiliar with this apart from the occasional dominate role during sex, but I do have such clothes that I can piece together from fancy dress clothes etc. I guess I was afraid at first that this would mean he was to get all his needs met and not me, but having researched online I realise I知 not going to miss out, in fact I can demand my pleasure first!! Woohoo! Maybe I知 not as submissive as I thought. In all honesty when I look at my scenarios that I imagine during masturbation most of them are where I知 dominant. Maybe there are a lot of us women out there that have just never had the opportunity to look at sex this way. I知 still a little scared I won稚 keep the dom role up, but I値l give it a go!

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