A Gentle Introduction to Female Dominance

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Many submissive guys fret wondering how they might introduce dominance and submission to their lover/girlfriend/wife. “Miss Vanilla” has created a good beginner’s guide:

So, you’ve decided you are going to dom your guy. What now? The first step is to just think about what kinds of things you’re interested in, or would like to try. If you can’t really think of anything specific, that’s OK - it will come to you!. As you play with your man, remember that you should be taking mental notes - what turns him on? You can talk with him about it, too. What are things he absolutely will not do? What are things he doesn’t really want to do, but isn’t completely opposed to?

Now, before you really start, get used to your role. Everyone doms differently. all you really need to know is that you’re a dom now! Now you’re boss. What you say, goes. You can get your way with brute force, or by making your victim helpless. You can induce helplessness with seduction, or ropes, or pain, or pleasure. You can get your way by extorting your man with his own orgasms (that’s one of my favorites. I’ll get into that soon. ;) However you do it, have fun! Oh, and look out for your new pet, too.

Miss Vanilla’s Guide to Being a Mistress

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A Gentle Introduction to Female Dominance
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