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Making a Woman Dominant - Possible?

Can a man convince his wife or girlfriend to act as a dominatrix, establish a LFA, FLR lifestyle?

How To Tell Your Wife?

Man wants to tell vanilla wife or girlfriend of his desire to become her slave.

Getting Her to Dominate You

When you ask your wife or girlfriend to explore BDSM do you approach her in a sensible manner, in one that will make her want to play?

Telling Your Wife

How can a submissive man introduce her to the ideas of a wife led marriage and loving female authority?

Can Your Turn Your Wife Into a Dominatrix?

If your girlfriend or spouse has no interest in D/s or BDSM you should learn to accept that truth.

Caring Female Dominance

A primer for softly giving your husband the control that he actually needs.

A Month of Slavery

One man's approach to creating a female dominant, male submissive marriage, relationship.

30 Days of Submission

Ask your wife or girlfriend to try female dominance, male submission - a female led relationship - for a month. To give power exchange a test'

The Newly Dominant Woman's Puzzle

Beginning to explore female domination can be confusing in the beginning.

Asking Her to Listen

Introducing your wife to your desire to engage in light BDSM.

Stealth Submission

Perhaps it is really a flawed technique for introducing a wife or girlfriend to LFA, FLA - female dominance.

A Husband's Frustration

A man tries to introduce his confused wife to loving female authority.

A Gentle Introduction to Female Dominance

A beginner's guide for a woman who wonders if she might be happy acting as a Domme with her boyfriend or husband.

Explaining Female Dominance

Dispelling illusions about what femdom can be in a loving relationship between a man and a woman.


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