Submission as a Gift: A Variation

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There are very few loving but actually 24/7 couples who capture the beauty of slavery and ownership:

I have no doubt that there are many if not most slaves and even submisives, that will, would and have done exactly what they were told to do every single time. Some of those times, these tasks are minor in the grand scheme of things, and sometimes they are major life-changing steps to take. But what is that “gift” if the slave’s reaction afterward is that of disdain. And what if that disdain festers and becomes a thorn under the skin of his/her Owner? Is it still a gift then?

For me, it isn’t that he will do what he has been told to do. I know he will. But will there be a price for me to pay in some way? If there is, then there was no gift. That, for me, is not submission and I would own no one who would do what I ask, say to me “there, I’ve done it” then never let me forget it. That, to me, is a grudge and I am so very thankful that I have never had that to contend with. …

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being as a submissive husband to my dom wife is a gift for me.I always do any house hole work for her cleaning ,washing dishes and cooking etc.Also i do massage to her full body before go to bed.lick her foot and pussey every single day is my main duties.Then i made her bed comfortably arrange, and obey her ,accept all orders from her and complete with very happy.i can not toch her without her permission.i stay in the flor when she is in sofa and do foot massage every day.when she sleep on the bed, I always sleep on the floor beside her.these way i am submissive to my goddess wife. she is very beautifull. i want to serve her with very day . i asked her that if you want to meet another man infront of me.First she spanked me after hear this word from me. Next day she kissed me and told me to arranged a handsom man for her >she said , i accepting this your idea, because i want to satisfy my slave husband you.I said i do not mind if you have affairs with another man infront me. Then she asked me to write in a paper,about my agreement for this ideas and kept in bank locker her personal safty.One day i found my friend of mine and told him this ideas.He said i was your wife’s boy friend when we were high school.I said she will be happy if you participate this dayhe came to my house, i introduced to my wife as my friend greg.she was happy.but she did not say anything about previous relationship with him. I did not asked any thing about .After he left from my house, that night, she asked me, why don’t you arranged your friend Greg.I said how can i ask my frind to play with my wife.I told her,I will try to arrange to my friend to come our home very often.I invite him any occation time,parties dinner.He became our close family friend.H also married person.But he come home alone all the day i come from the work, i heard some nice from our bedroms.I went there and watch, there were my wife and greg on the bed and having intercourse.i went our without knowinhg her and come back later .that night she kissed me and thanked me to bring my fried to my home.i asked why.she said i want to fuck with him please ask him.I said day i called him to come home.she was dressed sexy and waiting for his arrival.then she asked me to come and sit in a chaid in the bed room wash room.after sit , she hand cuffed by both hand together bak of the chaidthen she remove her panty and put in my mouth.i was thinking why she is doing .then she bring a cane and spanke me not to move until i come back.she slightly opened the wash room door.i could see her bed bedroom full from this view.also i could see every movement through the mirror attached in the wash room.afer 20 minutes, door bell was ringing.she ran to the door and bring greg to her bed room and taking and laughing. i see them thrroug the door and mirror.first he remove her top and touch her brest over bra and kissed her bra and body. then he remove her bra and then remove her skirt to down and lift her to bed remove all his clothes.she do massage her breast ,body abd front and back.he lick her pussey and start to fuck cock was tempting when i watch the wife was very happy mood with him.i was very jealous but i accept and enjoy the show.shw was telling greg, my husband can come any minute.please rush.he pump again again.and he left the house.she came to me asked how to enjoy this show. i said i made a mistake that i gave this ideas . she went to cabinet and bring a copy of agreement signed by me .i said i enjouyed when you fuck with greg. but some time i feel mad.she said ok, it will be ok for you.after that, greg came to my home and go to her bed rood any time without asking a permission from me.i want the shows evey single week untill now.i ffel happy and sometime feel day she asked me to arrange another man with greg. i said i can joint with greg instead a third man, she said who wants your bloody cock.i want big one.she punished me untill i agreed to do the idea.and write in a paper.i asked greg to bring his fried next him.he brought a frind he had a big cock. both enjoyed with my wife all the wife asked me to sit on the floor and watch every time they plag games.this is my life.i serves her other house hold duties and massaging her bodies and foot.and licking her pussey and foot every single day with very happy and obediently. these are my sexual duties her.i can not fuck her any more. she said you can not touch your cock by your day she took me to a piercing studio and pierced my top of cock put a “big O ring and pierced on tong and put a ball shape juwellary.then took me a tattoo studio and tattooed on my cock and my ” property of brenda” and branded on my upper thigh as ” this slave is property of brenda”.all these done within one hour.I had paid but later i enjoyed this ideas and lick her pussey and foot that night all day ever when she was she enjoing when i lick her pusey with pierced tonge .if she need any thing she put her finger through the o ring on top og my cock and pull and order me to do. i do whatever she need.if not she will spank me to do.if i want spank. i deny when she order, then she will spank me and i enjoy. tks proper of edput a pennbring one hargiwi sio gme a/hi was mad at the then

Ummmmmm………care to clarify that last sentence, John?

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Submission as a Gift: A Variation
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