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A couple of years ago an online friend of many years standing told me that the chivalry she saw in me was much akin to the best qualities to be found in submissive me. It was then that we began the dialogue in which each of us shared our kinky sides.

More than ever we felt that we might be ideal complements. She decided to cross the ocean so that we could finally meet. The love we suspected proved real.

Reality means we’ve had our off times. But our romance has continued to evolve and deepen. Once or twice a month I make a point of writing about how much she means to me. This is an extract of something that I published a few months back on my personal site, Down On My Knees:

We aren’t a lifestyle couple. My joy in her is often catching a whiff of fading perfume as she leans against me as we watch a silly old movie.

Slave and surrender capture best for me the state to which I need her to take me.

Sometimes I’m afraid of her even though I know her eye and ear are attuned to emotional and physical dangers. She will use me, perhaps savagely, but always protect me.

When I’m lucky she takes away the layers of complication and leaves me not much more than a nervous system programmed to please her. My identity all but vanishes.

In my reduced state I don’t always remember what happened. But the afterglow is joyous.

Striving to conform to her will and whims. But this isn’t an inhuman relationship. My limitations, needs and wants have their space in her heart.

We become Goddess and slave because we love one another. It doesn’t fit the traditional paradigm of romance. That is present as well.

Think of it as a mutation of chivalry: a man’s devotion to his lady faire.

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