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Submission as a Gift: A Variation

She owns him with his joyful, genuine consent in his role as her slave and property.

D/s as Chivalry

Female domination and male submission can include traditional romantic passion and affection.


Male submission, female dominance: best learned about from women and men in happy loving relationships.

True Stories

Share the story of your female dominant, male submissive marriage, romantic relationship.


Female domination isn't necessarily unkind, unloving or mean.

Too Much Power Exchange

Many people do not want or are not suited to 24/7 or lifestyle BDSM.

The Goddess of Fauxdom

A gentle, tender variation on female domination for women who don't really want to dominate their boyfriend or husband.

Young Love

Youthful dating that lead to marriage and a lifelong Femdom romance.

Foot Rubs & Cuddling

A married male slave shares a happy evening with his Mistress Wife.


Spoken pledge of happy romantic submission.

Intensity, Devotion and Spirituality

A D/s lifestyle couple who are very much in love and having a good time.


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