Feminization and Infidelity

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Fantasy or Divorce

Sissyfied Girly Boy
Sissifuss is a journal for sissy girly-boys.

For some men feminization and aspects of cuckoldry is desired as a way to expressed suppressed bisexuality.

This was left as a comment on one of my other sites. From what she wrote Patricia was enabling her husband to live the male sissy’s dream life.

my ex husband was into forced feminization. i went along with it for years, making him dress feminine and calling him polly, and eventually i threw away all his male clothes and replaced them with feminine versions of them e.g., i bought him ladies trouser suits, ladies shoes that didn’t have any heels on them but had very feminine pointed toes. he loved the feeling that he got when his clothes kept getting second glances from people, i also taught him how to apply light makeup everyday so his masculine facial features were disguised and his appearance was even more feminine. it kind of turned me on too. if we were at a family dinner he would excuse himself tp the bathroom and he would re-apply his makeup, or when we were out with friends and he would get compliments on his clothing from my friends saying that they suited him.

Then he made the most potentially fatal of requests: to be allowed - “forced” - to commit infidelity.

i loved being married to a sissy but eventually he wanted me to forced him to satisfy men and that’s when i drew the line and got out of the marriage. be careful how far you are willing to go with your husbands fantasies.

If you are have fantasies that exceed your partner’s tolerance, especially about important issues relating to intimacy like fidelity you need to remember that it is easy to go irrevocably, unforgivably too far.

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I’m sorry her fantasies got out front of yours. But hers aren’t that uncommon among us “forced” femme devotees. The difference, of course, is learning that while out interests (really, fetishes) are important, in a female led relationship they should become all but irrelevant.

That’s far more easy to say than to do, obviously - but you get the idea.

The rest of the relationship sounds dreamy…

Most of the problems with this kind of thing can be avoided by delving more into fantasy and less into reality.

For example, my Mistress wife has recently gotten into dressing me up and caning me and then fucking my ass with a strap-on, while telling me that it’s her big boyfriend who’s really fucking me, and don’t I really like his big cock in my ass?

In the middle of such a session, my mind is far gone and she and I are in our own fantasy-world…

my life as a sissy in similar,but it was my mistress who wanted to get me into forced bi.i am not into it at all but i do it because i love her.i was eased into it slowly but now i regularly have full no holds barred sex with a man to please her and he is kind of my ‘boyfriend’ for want of a better term.i still love being a sissy and i wouldnt change a thing.

These are such exciting fantasies. I would like to be forced into them.

my situation was similar to the above, my wife asked me one day to wear one of her pantsuits to a wedding because she said it would spice things up a bit, si i agreed, she even bought me some ladies loafers with a low heel to go with the suit.i had never thought about wearing womens clothes before, but we have never looked back since that day.now all my clothes are female.its better when both husband and wife are in sync and recognise the limits.i love my new wardrobe and i love the way i look now, but i would never do anything i didnt want to do.my feminization wasnt forced it was and still is enjoyed to the max and ive never been happier.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Feminization and Infidelity.


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