Femdom With a Vanilla Husband

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Femdom and a Vanilla Husband

Illicit Wife

You’ve discovered that you are a dominant woman, female sadist. But your husband or life partner isn’t into kink at all, much less submissive. How do you find people to do BDSM with and lot sacrifice your marriage, romantic relationship?

I really do wish that this was something I could share with my husband. And yes (people always ask), I have tried to get him interested and he will go along because he knows it makes me happy but it doesn’t do anything for him. Well if it doesn’t do anything for him I don’t get into it. What’s the point if the other person isn’t enjoying it as well?

So….how many of you out there can just play without an emotional connection? You don’t really care about the person much, you met them at a play party, do a scene and that’s it. And how many need to really care about the person or be in a relationship with them?

Janet Hardy (Greenery Press):

I think it’s also a trap to imagine that it’s only possible to have one kind of romantic/love connection. There have been many periods in my life in which I’ve been in love with more than one person — it’s not a matter of loving A more or less than B, I just love each one differently.

Of course you’re not going to love your husband the same as your slave. But it can work to love them both. Love is not a zero-sum game.

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my wife is dominant, but she never used to be.i accept it as part of our life together.i have gone along with nearly everything she has asked me to do, i always wear womens outer clothing and shoes to work in my office because my wife wants me to.i have full sex with a good male friend of my wifes regularly, because my wife wants me to experience sex from a different perspective, and i have come to enjoy pleasuring this man for her.my wife has opened me up to new and exciting experiences, and i love her and would do anything to please her.this life isnt for anyone and it takes years to perfect.but its the best thing thats ever happened to me.

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