Breakup or Divorce May Be the Only Solution

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Breaking Up May Be Hard to Do But Ö

A guy who really enjoys erotic spankings is deeply in the closet about it having never confessed his fetish to the women he has dated. Now he thinks he has met his ideal mate. Afraid of telling her of his need the man writes an advice columnist:

Most of the time I was Jack the Lad, with a string of different girlfriends and a reputation for being a good loveróbut nothing was as erotic as my secret spanking sessions. Then I met my girlfriend. It was only two months ago, yet it seems like weíve known each other forever. I feel sure that she is the one for me, and because of this Iíve stopped seeing my spanking friend.

I have to admit, though, that even though my partner and I have fantastic sex I canít stop thinking about what I did with this woman.

If his girlfriend doesn’t want to spank him he asks if it would be OK to secretly meet the women who spanks him.

The advice columnist tells him he shouldn’t engage in clandestine spankings. And:

So donít think of it if you want to keep her. I doubt sheíll finish it if you own up to having this very common fantasy. You never know, she might even go for itóplenty of couples do.

But if she really isnít interested, forget it and all thoughts of secret spanking sessions with strangers.

It rarely occurs to advice columnists to tell someone with atypical erotic needs that if their vanilla partner can’t fulfill them then it may be best to end the relationship.

How many men and women are cheating and how many more are desperate and miserable because of their unmet sexual needs. Sometimes the only real solution is to be very brave and leave the secure but unsatisfying relationship.

Should I tell her I’m a secret spanker?

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Breakup or Divorce May Be the Only Solution
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