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Breakup or Divorce May Be the Only Solution

If you are a sadist, masochist, dominant or submissive and married to a vanilla man or woman you may have to leave your partner to be happy.

Feminization and Infidelity

Cuckold sissies - often bisexual - who push their wives to divorce them.

Femdom With a Vanilla Husband

How can you be a dominant woman if your lover or partner isn’t submissive or even interested in BDSM play, D/s roles?

Divorce Your Wife

Submissive men who live with vanilla wives may be happier and make her happier by ending the marriage.

Your Husband Wants You to Cuckold Him

Submissive men who beg their wives and girlfriends to cheat on them with another man. Bogus female domination blogs.

Dominatrix Stereotype

How cliches confuse relationships between submissive men and dominant women.

Still Girls and Boys

Traditional masculine, feminine elements of behavior can be a part of a femdom relationship is that is what both the dominant and submissive partner each want.

Am I Crazy?

Novice dominant women may be trouble by guilt, shame, fears of mental illness.

Romance Is Very High On My List Of Demands

Many dominant women want submissive men who enjoy being romantic as well as enslaved.

When He Feels a Failure

A submissive man who feels unhappy and at fault in his LFA / FLR marriage.

Positive Feedback

Submissive persons need praise, kind words and verbal assurance from their dominant partner.


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