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Is There Any Girls?

Selfish submissive men who forget about the needs of the dominant women they seek.

Talking to Your Wife / Girlfriend About Femdom

Asking the women you love to become your Mistress, Domme.

From Vanilla to Dominant

The Vanilla Dominatrix promises to make a traditional relationship into a Femdom marriage or partnership.

Always Let Her Have Her Way

Enslave yourself to your girlfriend or why by always obeying, never resisting her wishes, desires.

First Time Domme

A dominant woman's first BDSM scene, session, experience of controlling a man.


In the beginning of a femdom relationship the man may want more, and want it sooner than the woman. This can be fatal.

For Wives & Girlfriends Who Don't Want to Dominate

How conventional women may be able to come to terms with their husbands and boyfriends desires for them to act like dominatrices at home.

Beginings of a Lifestyle Domme

How one woman discovered her happiness in being dominant and introduced ir into her marriage.

Taking Control

A woman who loves her husband begins to accept his submission and her authority.


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